Garage Door Repair: 3 Common Problems Garage Door Repair Services Can Address

6 June 2022
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Since your garage door is such a heavy fixture, you want to ensure that its operation is always in order to avoid any accidents. You won't want the door to crash on your feet or damage your vehicle without warning. That's why you should have a designated garage door repair service you can call when the fixture is acting up. It can be tempting to try a DIY garage door repair considering the plethora of tutorials available online. Read More 

What Kind Of Noise Is Your Garage Door Making? Learn Here What It Means

15 March 2022
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It's normal for your garage door to produce minimal noise when you're either closing or opening it. However, deafening bangs indicate that something is wrong with your door. If these noises become persistent, call your garage door technician to examine the situation and offer a solution. Here are five typical garage door noises and what they mean: A Sound of Parts Rubbing On Each Other Rubbing sounds can be a sign of garage door tracks that are either tight or bent. Read More