Garage Door Repair: 3 Common Problems Garage Door Repair Services Can Address

6 June 2022
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Since your garage door is such a heavy fixture, you want to ensure that its operation is always in order to avoid any accidents. You won't want the door to crash on your feet or damage your vehicle without warning.

That's why you should have a designated garage door repair service you can call when the fixture is acting up. It can be tempting to try a DIY garage door repair considering the plethora of tutorials available online. But acknowledging how dangerous an unprofessional garage door repair can be will ensure that you contact your designated technician instead. This article will highlight three common problems garage door repair services can address.

Malfunctioned Opener Switch

Nothing is as frustrating as your automated garage door refusing to open when you need your vehicle for work or to run errands. If you press the opener switch and the door doesn't budget, don't panic; simply contact garage door repair services, and they'll come to your aid.

A plausible explanation for the opener switch not working is if the lock switch is activated. If the issue is this simple, your technician will explain what you need to do over the phone. All you have to do is deactivate the lock button, and the opener switch will resume normal operation. However, if the issue is much more complex, your technician has to come to your residence and get a hand on the situation.

Broken Garage Door Spring

A much more serious problem you might encounter is a broken garage door spring. If the fixture isn't opening all the way or it gets stuck during operation, you should let it be and reach out to your garage door repair technician for help. The professional will assess the extent of spring damage and determine if it should be replaced.

Since the spring is what holds the garage door's weight, your technician will take this issue very seriously and only give you the go-ahead to resume using the garage door when they've found a permanent solution for the problem.

Noisy Garage Door

While garage doors aren't completely quiet during operation, the sound produced shouldn't be so loud that you notice it. Noisy garage door operation is usually an indication of an underlying problem, so be sure to commission a thorough fixture inspection.

Your technician will be dedicated to accurately diagnosing the problem so they can address it once and for all. This way, the primary issue doesn't continue to strain the fixture's operation. Properly addressing the root of the problem promotes excellent fixture performance and extends its life.

If your garage door is acting up, don't hesitate to contact garage door repair services. Contact a local company, like CF Garage Doors.