Variable Factors In Choosing An Overhead Garage Door

5 July 2016
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When you're picking out the perfect overhead garage door, there are many different options and factors that can affect your choice. It's important to consider the garage door holistically to make the best choices for your budget and your home's appearance. 

Base Material Benefits

Each base material has its own costs and benefits that you need to weigh. If you choose a vinyl door, you'll need to pay more money upfront, but you have more options for easily customizing the texture and color of the door. If you choose a steel overhead door, you may not need to worry as much about storm-proofing, but you might not like the aesthetics as much. You may need to spend time researching different materials, or simply ask a garage door specialist. 

Types of Openers Available

The type of base material you choose will also affect your choice of opener. For starters, it will affect the horsepower of garage door opener you need. Many doors can operate on a 1/2 horsepower opener, but heavier materials can require up to 1 horsepower of energy. Consider the added cost of buying these heavy duty garage doors in your budget, since it can quickly make your setup unaffordable. 

Costs of Storm Proofing and Insulation

Another variable cost to consider is the expense of storm proofing and insulating your door. Some materials need more help in this department; garage doors that are part glass will likely need more attention both for retaining heat and for becoming shatter-proof. Your garage door may come with a storm-proof rating, so check the specifications before you buy. Options for adding additional protection range from adding a fabric cover that can be fastened over the door, to installing an entirely separate storm door that sits outside of your overhead door. 


Color may seem like a trivial consideration compared to the other factors above. But actually, you have an easy opportunity to improve the appearance of your home by choosing the right color garage door. Some families opt to choose a brightly colored overhead door to contrast their other building materials, while for more classic home designs, a muted color may be more appropriate. There are numerous tools online to help you photoshop different colors onto a picture of your home so that you can see an approximate effect. Choosing the perfect color is a final step in picking the garage door that's a perfect fit for your home.  Contact a business, such as the Automatic Door Company, for more information.