Designs For Adding Wow Factor To Your Entryway

19 April 2016
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Your front entryway should be welcoming as well as functional – after all, it provides the transition space between outside and inside for you and your guests. However, the foyer also serves as your house's introduction. Therefore it should feature some wow factor to set the stage for the rest of your home. Design a front entryway that impresses your guests.

Choose a Distinctive Door

Before your guests even enter your home, the front door makes an impression. You have many different options when selecting a front door, such as material, design and color. For example, wooden doors with trim and glass panes work well in traditional homes. Better Homes and Gardens suggests using the front door to also make a statement. So, consider changing out the traditional door for a Dutch double door, which is an unusual style for the entryway. Alternatively, keep the standard door style but update to a bright color such as red or even green. If opting for the latter, use the façade coloration of your home to choose the color by using a brighter hue of a tone in your house's exterior.

Add Enough Windows

Another way to make your door more distinctive is with the windows around it. The amount of glass also affects how much natural light highlights your foyer. Consider increasing the size or number of your entryway windows. Play with proportion, meaning extend the width and/or height of the door with windows. Likewise, select window styles that accentuate your home's façade and décor. So, if you have a traditional or historic home, choose wooden frames and multiple panes of glass. If, however, your home is modern, opt for sleek frames and large panes of glass.

Accessorize the Entryway

Once you have the architectural details of your entryway sorted out, attend to the décor. First of all, ensure the space is well-defined. If the foyer isn't defined with architecture, use furniture to carve it out from the front room. Next, select accent pieces that honor your overall architecture and décor style. Indeed, use the entryway to help define this style. For example, if your décor is mostly eclectic, set up flea market treasures in an attractive tableau to greet visitors. Finally, use color on the walls and in accent pieces to convey the spirit of your home.

Set up for Storage

Many times the front door is also your family's entryway to the house. In this case, it's essential to set it up with storage. If there's a hall closet, outfit it with a shoe rack and shelving. If not, consider setting up a hall bench with hooks and cabinets to collect your belongings. Planning for storage ahead of time keeps your front entryway free of clutter – allowing it to make your intended statement.

Start with the architecture and work into the décor to create a wow-worthy front entryway. Contact a business, such as Billings Overhead Door Company Inc, for more information.