Choosing Garage Doors With Glass When Converting To Living Space

13 July 2015
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When planning to convert an attached garage to extra living space for your home, it's important to consider what type of garage door will be best for this purpose. That's nearly the entire wall on one side, so it will be a significant aspect of the decor. You can make the room more attractive by choosing something other than plain wood or metal doors that are common with these structures. Glass doors and doors with big windows offer intriguing functional and decorative options.

Doors for an Enclosed Patio, Sunroom or Porch

When you want space that functions as an outdoor extension of the interior, a door with an abundance of glass is important. You'll still have walls on at least two sides, although you may choose to have a wall between the house and the garage torn down. If the other two garage walls don't already have windows, get some large ones installed to create more of an outdoor effect.

A glass door with horizontal metal pieces between the panels provides plenty of sunlight along with a chic industrial design. The design is similar to one you might see in old warehouses converted to condos and old factories converted to restaurants and shops. You can open the door whenever you like so that the patio, sunroom or porch truly becomes part of the outdoors.

Doors for More Private Living Space

If the area will function as an additional interior room instead of an extension of the outdoors, you can still have a glass door, but you'll probably want window treatments to cover the glass at times. Vertical blinds that slide horizontally and cover the entire glass area entirely are convenient; these products are popular with patio and deck doors. 

Another option would be to install a wood door with windows that take up a large part of at least one panel. Customized carriage doors that swing outward allow you to have nearly any type of window design you'd like. 

Doors for an Art Studio

If you or someone else in the household is an artist, natural light is especially desirable. A converted garage makes an excellent studio for painting, drawing, sculpting and other artistic endeavors. A glass garage door gives you nearly an entire wall of natural light, something that is uncommon in most homes. 

Concluding Thoughts

Consider the purpose of the room you're planning to convert your garage into and then determine the type of door that would be most suitable. Then consult with a garage door installation professionals for information on products and pricing. For more information, contact Mid-South Door Co. or a similar company.