Deter Thieves And Secure Your Commercial Garage Door With These Essential Tips

9 July 2015
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If you have a garage door at your place of business, that can provide a range of functions, from a cool restaurant opening, to a functional delivery portal, to the entryway for a mechanic's workspace. However, that entryway – whether it is critical or just cool – can also make your business vulnerable. Want to know how to secure your commercial garage door? Take a look at these tips:

1. Choose a door that can withstand your business's typical day to day operations

Keeping your garage door secure starts when you are shopping. Look for a door that is made to work in a commercial environment. For example, if you are going to be opening and closing your door multiple times throughout the day, look for a door that can handle that much activity. Choosing the right door reduces the need for repairs and ultimately makes your commercial garage door safer.

2. Keep up with routine maintenance and repairs for your door

If anything goes wrong with your door, fix it as soon as possible. Also have your commercial garage door routinely serviced. If the door is crooked due to a bent track or any other issue, that makes it easier for thieves to wedge something past the door and pull it open.

3. Use padlocks and security systems

You also need to pay attention to regular security features. Just as you would secure the doors and windows of your business with locks and alarms, you need to do that to your commercial garage door as well.

If you opt for coded electronic locks, remember to back that up with mechanical locks. That way, if the electric locks fail for any reason such as a power outage or dead batteries, thieves won't be able to manually pull up your garage door.

4. Cover windows with security film

If possible, avoid getting a commercial garage door with windows in it, but if you love the look of windows, take steps to protect them. Get the thickest windows your garage door can handle, and cover them with security film. Similar to the film people use to darken their car windows, this film makes it harder to break your windows.

5. Invest in a high-quality opener

Even the opener you select for your commercial garage door can have an effect on your safety levels. Ideally, you want the best opener you can find. To boost your business's security, look for an opener that connects to a special app.

That way, you can check whether or not your garage door is open from anywhere you have cell phone access. You can also get openers that close your garage door if it is left open past a certain time, an ideal solution if you have forgetful employees.

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