Before Hurricane Season: Tips To Prepare Your Garage Door

1 July 2015
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If you live along the coast in an area that is affected by hurricanes, you probably worry about property damage occurring during one of these storms. Therefore, it's always smart to prepare your home as well as possible before hurricane season so that you won't have as much to worry about. Along with securing your windows, roof and other parts of your home, it's also a good idea to think about your garage door. Garage doors can easily become damaged due to the high winds of a tropical storm or hurricane, but if you follow these tips, you won't have as much to worry about.

1. Maintain and Repair Your Garage Door

First of all, you should make sure that your garage door is in the best shape possible. A garage door that is damaged will be much more susceptible to storm damage, so you should call a garage door repair company to come out and inspect and maintain your garage door and make any necessary repairs.

2. Seal Against Water

You probably don't want water to leak into your garage during the torrential rains that can go along with a tropical storm or hurricane. Therefore, you should make sure that your garage door is properly sealed. You can install a weather stripping barrier along the bottom of your garage door, which will help keep water out of your garage. It's also a good idea to check around the perimeter of your garage door -- as well as around any windows in your garage -- for any cracks that can be sealed off with caulk. This can help keep your garage -- and everything in it -- nice and dry during bad storms.

3. Install a Garage Door Brace

You can purchase a garage door bracing system from any home improvement store, or you can have one installed by a company that specializes in making repairs in garage doors. A vertical bracing system is designed to hold your garage door closed during periods of heavy wind, which can help protect your home from potential damage.

If you are looking to prepare your home for hurricane season before anything happens, it's a good idea to start with your garage door. By following these three simple tips, you can help keep your garage door safe from damage, which can protect everything inside of your garage and the rest of your home as well. 

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