Preventive Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Garage Door Functioning Properly

24 June 2015
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Your garage door likely serves as the largest moving component in your entire home. Keeping your garage door operating properly doesn't exactly take a back-breaking amount of labor, but it will take some effort on your part. This effort should come in the form of preventive maintenance. Here are a handful of maintenance tips that can help you keep your garage door malfunction-free.

Keep the Track Clean

Make sure you're taking the time to clean the tracks that your garage door travels on. Dust, dirt, sand and other debris can quickly accumulate in this area. The more excessive the accumulation, the more likely it is that your door will get stuck on the track and make more noise when opening or closing.

To clean your garage door tracks, simply run a damp cloth along the interior portion of the track. If there is any collection of water along the track, make sure you're removing it with a dry cloth to prevent mold or rust from developing. Cleaning your tracks once every season is a good place to begin.

Replace The Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is the thick, rubber material that runs along the base of the door. It is designed to keep the elements from entering your garage. Without this stripping, you will have a greater accumulation of rain and dirt inside your garage.

In the event the bottom of the garage door accidentally comes in contact with your vehicle, the rubber strip can also help minimize damage to your car. With regular use, it's normal for this stripping to begin to show signs of wear and tear, such as the formation of cracks or holes. Once any of these issues arise, it's time to replace the weatherstripping.

Lubricate The Springs

Unless you own a high-end system, your door springs will produce some noise as they operate. However, excessive volume or a screeching noise likely means that your springs need to be lubricated. Apply a thin layer of lubricating oil across the entire length of the upper side of the springs.

When you place the oil at the top of the springs, any excess oil will trickle down on to the other parts of the spring and lubricate these areas as well. After you have applied the lubricant, open and close the door several times to ensure the springs are fully coated.  

Performing these simple preventive maintenance tips can help keep your door functional and keep your maintenance costs lower. If you still encounter a problem with your garage door that needs repair, contact a professional such as America's Garage Doors LLC.